Terms 購買需知

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– 100% 安全可靠、不易燃氣體
– 乳膠氣球飄浮約 6-8 小時、建議即日使用
– 鋁膜氣球維持形狀約 12-36 小時、飄浮約 3-7 天
– 水晶氣球維持形狀約 24-48 小時、飄浮約 1 週



1. 選購氫氣球,加入購物車,按 CHECKOUT 提交訂單
2. 於結帳頁面填寫個人資料、氣球送貨日期時間地點 (送貨時段請參閱送貨頁面)
3. 收到確認電郵通知書
4. 將貨款存入指定銀行戶口,將收據 Whatsapp 至 +852 6906 6676 或 電郵至 [email protected]
5. 將有職員聯絡送貨


1. 選用可重用物料, 令其能夠多次重用, 和便於充氣排氣。
2. 設計便利,充氣口附有自帶的黏膠封口,充氣後只需將充氣口撫平即可。


1. 鋁膜氣球彈性較低,需要慢慢充氣,過量充氣的氣球容易爆破。建議先用充氣筒為氣球充滿九成的氣體,然後改用吸管吹氣。若鋁膜黏在一起,請輕力將其分開再充氣。
2. 請勿把氣球存放在尖銳物件地面太陽底下和過分擠逼的環境,以免導致其損壞。
3. 以氦氣充氣的鋁膜氣球,充氣第一天為最佳狀態。因此應在使用當天才爲氣球充氣。
4. 室內外溫差會使氣球冷縮熱脹,令氣球在較冷地方縮小,較熱地方膨脹,請適時爲氣球排氣和充氣。
5. 請在收貨時即時檢查氣球,貨物出門,恕不退換,已送出之氣球於運輸途中造成的任何損壊本公司一概不負責。
6. 一般客貨車送貨不送上樓/酒店大堂/餐廳入面,客人必需於客貨車自行提取貨物,或指示其他聯絡人(例如餐廳職員)到客貨車收貨。如需等候,司機會收取等候費,請詳細閱讀送貨頁面之說明。

** 為確保使用者的安全,本公司出售的氣球全部使用氦氣 (Helium),氣體更安全而且飄浮的時間持久。




訂單取消條款:氫氣球送貨前 24 小時取消訂單,須付費用 50%;送貨當天取消訂單,訂單作廢,貨款不能退還。
訂單更改條款:送貨前 24 小時更改送貨日期時間,須收取 50% 的附加費用。送貨當天恕難處理更改送貨日期,訂單作廢,貨款不能退還。



- 100% safe, non-combustable helium gas
- Latex balloons will fly for 6-8 hours only. Please inflate them on they day you use them.
- Foil balloons will fly for 3-7 days. Its shape will last for 12-36 hours only.
- Crystal balloons will fly for about 1 week. Its shape will last for 24-48 hours only.

【How to Buy】

Place your order online:

1. Choose and add the balloon you like into your shopping cart. Go to checkout.
2. Fill in your personal information, pick up or delivery date and time at the checkout page. (Delivery time click here)
3. Receive confirmation email.
4. Bank in the total amount to the specified bank account. WhatsApp the bank receipt to +852 6906 6676 or email to [email protected]
5. We will contact you for delivery.

【Foil Balloons】

1. You can reuse the balloon as long as it is not damaged.
2. After inflating with helium or air, the balloon will auto-seal and gas will not go out.


1. Foil balloons are not expandable. The material is not flexible. Please inflate them carefully and slowly otherwise they could break easily. We recommend inflating foil balloons to 90% full and then use a star to blow it up fully. If the foils stick together, please separate them carefully before continue to inflate the balloon.
2. Never put the balloons together with sharp or pointy objects. Never put them under the sun or in hot environments. Never put them in cramped space.
3. Helium filled balloons will only look fully inflated on the day of inflation. Please fill the balloons on the day you use them.
4. Balloons deflate in cold conditions; you should pump more gas into the balloon. Balloons will expand in hot conditions; you should release gas from the balloon.
5. Please check the balloons thoroughly when you collect them. We are not responsible for any damage during delivery. We will not refund for sold products and we do not accept returns.
6. Van delivery service does NOT include delivery to upstairs/hotel lobby/inside restaurant. Customer MUST collect the goods from the delivery van in person, or appoint another contact person (e.g. restaurant staff) to meet the van driver for collection. If the customer is not ready to collect the goods, van driver will charge extra for wait time. Please read the delivery page for all the available options.

** For the safety of our customers, we use helium gas to inflate our balloons. It is a long-lasting and safe gas.

【Poor Weather Conditions】

If typhoon signal No. 8 or above, red or black rainstorm is hoisted at the Hong Kong Observatory, all delivery services will be suspended. Please contact us for arrangement. However, we do not guarantee reschedule of delivery on the same day. Orders that are postponed or canceled cannot be refunded. All inflated balloons are considered finished order and cannot be re-made.


Cancellation policy: We will charge 50% of the total if you cancel 24 hours before balloon delivery. Cancellation is not accepted on the day of the order delivery, there will be no refund.
Amendment policy: We will charge an extra 50% of the total amount as amendment fee if you change the delivery date / time 24 hours before balloon delivery. Amendment is not accepted on the day of the order delivery, there will be no refund.