Delivery 送貨

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1. 客貨車送 (於客貨車自取)
2. 專人送貨上門服務
3. 速遞 (只限不充氣產品)

1. 客貨車送貨 (於客貨車自取) (星期一至六 11am-7pm; 星期日 11am-3pm)



2. 專人送貨上門 (星期一至六 10am-7pm; 星期日 11am-3pm)


3. 速遞 (只限不充氣氣球產品)
工商地址 $30
住宅地址 $60


1. Van Delivery (Collect goods at van)
2. Door Delivery
3. Courier (non-inflated products only)

1. Van Delivery (Collect goods at van) (Mon to Sat 10am-7pm; Sunday 11am-3pm)
**Please be ready to collect the delivery 30min before and after your designated delivery time due to traffic. e.g. Delivery time will be 4:30-5:30 for a 5pm delivery order. If no one is there to collect the goods, driver may charge waiting fee.
**Driver will stop his van at the designated location (or nearby depending on traffic), customer needs to collect goods at the van.


2.Door Delivery (Mon to Sat 11am-7pm; Sun 11am-3pm)
Door delivery charge is extra HK$100 on top of the above van delivery charges.

3. Courier (non-inflated balloon products only)
Commercial $30
Residential $60